[DUPLICATE] JLink EDU Mini + SAMD21G18 compatibility issues

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  • [DUPLICATE] JLink EDU Mini + SAMD21G18 compatibility issues


    This is just a question at this time, as I try and solve my debug issues.

    Does the Segger JLink EDU Mini work with the SAMD21G18 chip fitted to the MKRWAN1310? Does anyone have experience of it, maybe even using VSCode?

    I ask because I can’t appear to get it working, it is possible that following various efforts I have damaged the boot loader in the chip, but if that is the case, then the EDU Mini has done that and therefore perhaps isn’t compatible.

    If you wish to see more details, see Could not connect to J-Link

    Mac Big Sur 11.0.1
    VSCode: 1.51
    PlatformIO: 2.2.1
    EDU Mini: last update 20/10/20 - latest version
    They tell me I’m a grown up, I just want to play.
  • While we cannot comment on the compatibility to the board, the MCU should not be an issue.
    As you stated in the other thread, you can connect to the MCU via J-Link Commander (JLinkExe), it is proven that the EDU Mini is fine.
    If VsCode does not work, it‘s an issue in your setup. However, Fabian already provided some links etc. with VsCode startup help but in the end this is more a question for the VsCode community.

    We will close this thread.