[SOLVED] tiny toolbar icons

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  • [SOLVED] tiny toolbar icons

    I just started working with Ozone (V3.20g) today. The toolbar icons are so small as to be unusable. How can these be made larger?

    I found a work around for my problem here, only use start icon for Ozone instead of Eclipse:

    axhuelsmann wrote:

    Here is what to do for an easy solution:
    1. Go to the start icon of your eclipse or PLCXpressoand
    2. Click your right mouse bottom
    3. Go to down and click properties
    4. Click compartibility
    5. Check overwrite high DPI scaling
    6. Select system (extended)
    7. Click OK at the bottom
    Start Eclipse and enjoy

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  • Hi, I'm guessing you've got a high resolution display with Windows set to something like 150-200% scaling. If that is the case, you can right click the Ozone shortcut and select Properties, and under the Compatibility tab, then select the 'Change high DPI settings' button. At the bottom the of the screen that comes up is a section for 'High DPI scaling override'; I check the Override box and select the 'System (Enhanced)' mode. Doing this gives me normal sized toolbar icons in Ozone and things like pretty good.

    If you're running on something else, then I'm not sure what is going on.