Animating specific window coordinates

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    • Animating specific window coordinates

      Hey guys,

      How do I animate a window in emWin? Specifically I want to be able to resize the window and move the window smoothly using the X0,X1,Y0,Y1 coordinates seen through an AppWizard ANIMCOORD interaction. The reason I want to add it through emWin code and not through AppWizard is due to the sheer amount of interactions it involves (over 100). Let me know if this is possible and thanks.

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    • Hi,

      Using the latest AppWizard version (V1.10) you can move and resize a window requiring only a few interactions.

      To animate the window position, you can use the ANIMCOORD job.
      The size of a window can be animated using a variable. Basically you are "animating" the value of the variable using ANIMVALUE and reacting on VALUE_CHANGED to execute the job SETSIZE on the window.
      For the "Value" in the SETSIZE interaction parameters you can then use the size variable by clicking "Set variable".

      Attached is a screenshot of the interactions.

      Best regards,
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