Hide Image widget does not work

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    • Hide Image widget does not work


      I have 2 image widgets on which I show GIF animations or static image depending on events.
      The 2 image widgets have same height and width and are placed at same location on the dialog window.

      Initial state when the dialog window loads is image1 is static and image 2 on which I want to show GIF is hidden.

      On 25msec scheduler depending on conditions I enable image 2 using IMAGE_SetGif and hide the image 1 which I don't want to show. The image 1 hides for a second and then reappears. In this case I see image 1 is static and visible and image 2 is animating on top on Image 1. I observed that image 1 reappears after WM_PAINT is called.

      my sample code is below

      var1 = 0;

      var2 = 0;

      both If conditions are true at once.
      Is it because of the invalidation of image 2 is happening continuously as IMAGE_SetGif() is called for it.
      I tried calling WM_Paint(hImage1) immediately after WM_HideWindow(hImage1) but still same issue.

      How do I resolve this issue?