[ABANDONED] Flasher ARM + SPI Flash

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  • [ABANDONED] Flasher ARM + SPI Flash


    I am a little bit confused with programming a SPI Flash.
    With the Flasher ARM and using JFlash, I am able to flash the complete binary file which resides both in internal flash of the Renesas MCU and in the external QSPI flash.

    Now, I would like to make the Flasher ARM a standalone programmer for the production facility.
    I save the Flasher Config file and the Flasher Data file, and then I put them both in the Flasher ARM internal memory.
    When I attempt to program the device, the RED led lights up indicating an error. Reading the programmer log, I have got the following error:
    "ERROR: Unknown flash algo type. Algorithm ignored."
    I suspect this to have relation with the external SPI Flash, but I do not really understand where the problem comes from.

    Why does this work with JFlash and why this does not work in Standalone mode?
    What have I missed?

    Your help will be appreciated.
  • Hello Alex,

    do you have a recent firmware on your Flasher ARM?

    For example:

    Source Code

    1. SEGGER J-Link Commander V6.86d (Compiled Oct 9 2020 16:16:34)
    2. DLL version V6.86d, compiled Oct 9 2020 16:15:12
    3. Connecting to J-Link via USB...O.K.
    4. Firmware: J-Link ARM / Flasher ARM V4 compiled Sep 11 2020 10:05:34

  • Hello Arne,

    I checked the firmware, and I was running a version from May 13 2020 07:12:21.
    I have updated my JLink Software to the latest available and also updated the Flasher ARM firmware to Sep 11 2020 10:05:34.

    The Algo error has disappeared and now, I have a new error u_u
    The Flasher starts flashing and ends in error: "ERROR: Invalid checksum of data block in target"
    This also bricks my device as I am unable to enter the ID Code, nor reset it (for the moment).

  • Hi Alex,
    I will close this thread for now.

    If the provided solution does not work for you, please contact me via direct message and I will reopen this thread.

    Best regards
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