GUI_ALLOC_GetNumFreeBytes keeps decreasing with idle GUI

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    • GUI_ALLOC_GetNumFreeBytes keeps decreasing with idle GUI


      I'm encountering a problem on a STemWin based application which has been developed for a STM32F7 custom board.
      The memory assigned for the GUI is equal to 170KB and it is part of the microcontroller embedded SRAM (total 320KB).
      I'm monitoring the current free memory using the library function GUI_ALLOC_GetNumFreeBytes and I've noticed that the returned value keeps slowly decreasing even if no particular redrawing actions take place (machine idle, only polling with other boards).
      This leads to a slower response to actions such as page swiping which are performance demanding.

      Could it be something related to a bad management of any STemWin funcition?
      (GUI_Exec() is already periodically called)

      Is there a way to force a GUI memory "free" and avoid this behavior?

      Thank you for your support.