Multiple language support

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    • Multiple language support


      How do I go about adding multiple language support. Am using iMXTR1064 with SDRAM for LCD buffer and external flash WITHOUT FILESYSTEM which I plan to use for storing strings, fonts, bitmaps etc.

      Other than English, I need to add support for French, German, Dutch and Chinese.
      How do I go about generating font files for languages mentioned above using the font convertor?.

      Also is there a way to generate a single font file with all the sizes and fonts. Currently for English I have to generate different font files as per font size, and whether it is bold or not. for e.g. if I want a single font file century gothic which will contain all the sizes and bold fonts too.

    • Hi,

      you can save a font as an XBF file to store it on external memory. If the external memory is inaccessible, you will need a file system to access and read the files.

      anuj.tanksali wrote:

      Also is there a way to generate a single font file with all the sizes and fonts.

      The output font file always contains characters that are of the same font, the same size and of the same font face (bold, italic, etc.). For example if you had "Roboto, 30, bold" and "Roboto, italic, 22", it would not be possible to merge the fonts into the same XBF file. It is only possible to merge fonts of the same type (font face and size also have to be equal).

      You can use the same fonts for different languages, as long as the same characters are used. So you could include Chinese characters in the font with Latin characters and use the font for all languages.

      Best regards,
    • Hi,

      If Century Gothic does not include Chinese characters, you would have to use a third-party tool to create your own custom font. As said above, the Font Converter is only able of merging font files of the same font, type and size.

      Best regards,