image scrolling for horizontal with virtual screen.

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    • image scrolling for horizontal with virtual screen.

      Hi ..

      I am using Virtual screen.

      so it is very fast for Vertical with scrolling image.

      I want to use this virtual screen for horizontal.

      lcd of board resolution is 800x480. but i want to scroll image ( 1600x480 ) on horizontal.

      when scrolling image ( 1600x480 ) on lcd ( 800x480 ) with virtual screen.

      i should use some code in LCD_X_DisplayDriver to draw image fit to LCD.

      C Source Code

      1. for(int i = 0; i < 480; i++)
      2. {
      3. memcpy(&lcd_raw_buff[dubble_frame][(i * 800) << 2], &g_VAFrameBuf[((i * 3200) << 2) + (p->xPos << 2)], 800 << 2);
      4. }

      this way make too late for scrolling image.

      was it right for me to use Virtual screen for Horizontal?

      And is there any idea for fast image scrolling on horizontal?

      Thanks : ) :)
    • Hi,

      Virtual screens are an obsolete feature. What you want to do can be achieved by creating a large window (e.g. two times the horizontal size of your display) and using motion support for scrolling through the window. The Window Manager is a requirement for this, though.

      Our wiki provides an example that demonstrates how this can be done.

      Best regards,