emWin Library ARM Cortex-A5 (Armv7-A architecture)

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    • emWin Library ARM Cortex-A5 (Armv7-A architecture)

      Hello emWin-experts,

      my MPU is an ARM Cortex-A5 device with an Armv7-A architecture.
      Now I would like to evaluate the AppWizard and need a new emWin Library version (.a-File) with all AppWizard APPW-commands.
      I am using the IDE IAR Embedded Workbench and my Linker shows error[Li005]: no definition for "APPW_Init" ....

      Do you know where I can find the actual emWin library?

      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards

    • Hi,

      the functions needed to run AppWizard projects are already included in the AppWizard. You can evaluate the tool by downloading the trial version that you can find on our website.

      However, the trial version does not include BSPs, therefore you only be able to run the project in the simulation, but not on a hardware target. To run AppWizard projects on a target, the full version is required which is included in an emWin PRO shipment.

      Best regards,