GUI_EditDec() GUI_EditHex() example?

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    • GUI_EditDec() GUI_EditHex() example?


      I have searched both the forum and on internet for an example on how to use GUI_EditDec() and similar functions (hex, string, etc...) without any success.

      What i want to do (in case i am looking at the wrong func) is to get a number on the screen using a numeric keypad displayed on the screen, so i can use the new input number to update the value of a var.

      I have tried to straight use GUI_EditDec() but all it does is jump into that code without showing anything on the screen.

      I would really appreciate if you could please share an example on how to use those functions, or if there is a better way to achieve what i need, an example that would do that.

    • Hi,

      the GUI_Edit...() functions are old functions that do not give any visual feedback on the screen. It's better to use an EDIT widget that is in decimal mode. You can create an EDIT and call EDIT_SetDecMode() to activate decimal mode. The EDIT also provides equivalent functions for binary mode, float mode, etc.

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