Data breakpoints data mask

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    • Data breakpoints data mask

      I need to create a mask for a data watchpoint (in particular for the upper bytes of a 32bit word) but I am not able to make it work.

      I am working on a Renesas RZ/A1 (Cortex-A9) with e2studio as IDE and SEGGER J-Link V6.44i for debugger.

      From the SEGGER J-Link control panel I am able to set a Data Breakpoint (and it works) but any attempt to use the mask functionality failed: the breakpoint is always hit regadless the value written.
      This is my example setting if i try to use the data pattern 0x1000xxxx :

      Some additional information:
      1. I can't use newer J-Link version because, after the V6.44i, a web control panel has been introduced and I am not able to create Data Breakpoint anymore. No idea why.
      2. I am not able to create Data breakpoint directly from the IDE (e2studio).
      3. I tried to use, as a workaround, an address mask of 1 byte (targeting the upper bytes of a uint32_t variable for example) but the breakpoint is hit for the whole 32bit word.

      For giving a bit more of context, I am debugging an issue where sometimes a variable is corrupted with abnormally high values. This variable is written (voluntarly) several times in a second while the bug happens in a variable time from minutes to 1 week(!!).

      Could you please help me? :/

      Thank you!
    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Regarding the missing break point feature:
      We will see if we can add this feature to the Web Control panel as well.

      Regarding the issue at hand:
      I would recommend using Ozone to debug your device.
      It has a data breakpoint feature as well, which is also well documented in the Ozone Manual.
      It is available for download here and free for evaluation purposes.

      Does this work for you?

      Best regards,
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