[SOLVED] Flasher ATE Flasher.log too non-verbose

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  • [SOLVED] Flasher ATE Flasher.log too non-verbose


    I'm struggling to debug my project, and I check Flasher.log, and all it says is:

    SN: 3 - Failed
    SN: 3 - Failed
    SN: 3 - Failed

    I wish it would be more specific. Why can't it have at least the same amount of information as the error in the TCP terminal? Target has no power, etc.. such errors.
  • Hello,

    Flash memory, as it is used on the Flasher ATE, has a limited write endurance. We do not want to wear out the Flash memory by writing excessive log files.
    If you already have access to the TCP terminal with the detailed messages, why would you like to have these saved into a log file?

    Best regards
  • That's a good question, Arne. Thank you for your advice. Of course the memory is limited, I didn't think of that. In order to debug I've started having ten Putty windows open to listen to each of the Flasher ATE modules. There's all the debug data I need. Thanks again. I'm happy with the product, and I appreicate that Segger staff is available on the forum!