[ABANDONED] cstddef and stddef.h in cpp file error

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  • [ABANDONED] cstddef and stddef.h in cpp file error

    Creating a default executable C/C++ project and simply using the following main code causes the following error: "cannot combine with previous 'int' declaration specifier"

    C Source Code

    1. #include <cstddef>
    2. //#include <stddef.h> // doesn't work either
    3. int main() {
    4. }
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Could you provide a bit more information about your setup?
    What version of ES are you using?
    How is your project set up? Which Run time library, which linker, which compiler etc.?
    To simplify things, could you provide an example project with which the issue is reproducible?

    Best regards,
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