Suggestion to make Linux executables lowercase

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    • Suggestion to make Linux executables lowercase


      the executables on Linux follow a CamelCase naming scheme like JLinkExe or Ozone.

      I suggest adding a link for running the executables with lower-case names like ozone or jlink (also without the exe suffix). So keep the camel-case executables for compatibility and add links to them using a lowercase name.

      This would be more in line of how executables work on Linux. Users expect them to be lower-case for tab completion or e.g. krunner in KDE.

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      Yea I can't pretty much like camel case either, but Segger been using those names for a long while.

      May be, if you provide a post-install script that Segger could include into their packages, which basically symlinks to their default file names, that would make others happy .
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      Since there are already several links to the actual executable, I guess it would be a one-liner per exe to add another symlink ... So probably no need for me to set up a packaging environment to test things. :)

      Source Code

      1. lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 33 Sep 7 18:29 /usr/bin/JFlash -> /opt/SEGGER/JLink_V684a/JFlashExe
      2. lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 33 Sep 7 18:29 /usr/bin/JFlashExe -> /opt/SEGGER/JLink_V684a/JFlashExe
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      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Currently there are no plans to change this as this as many customers rely on the tools to stay with this naming scheme for e.g. automated setups as they have for many many years since introduction.

      Nonetheless we will consider your suggestion and discuss it with the team. But no promises.

      Best regards,
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      of course it's a bad idea to _change_ the names. My suggestion is to _add_ another symlink.

      "JLinkExe" and "JLink" from the system path (/usr/bin) are already just links to another "JLinkExe" in a SEGGER-specific path (/opt/SEGGER/JLink).
      There is no harm in adding "jlink" as an additional symlink. Everything that worked before, will still work. With the benefit of users being able to start e.g. Ozone without the need to use the shift key, as it is quite standard on Linux. :)