[SOLVED] Linux: a lot of issues in dark mode

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  • [SOLVED] Linux: a lot of issues in dark mode


    when dark mode is enabled, Ozone basically adheres to this setting. The UI is dark. However, a lot of issues become apparent then.

    - timeline view changes background colour from dark to white when selected/deselected
    - many texts are hard-coded in dark colours e.g. in Editor or Console you can see dark blue fonts.
    - the "current line" indication in Editor is almost white, so white text is not visible
    - the data window inside the timeline window is still white with grey font
    - ...

    I could go one here but the general issue should be clear. Ozone seems not to be meant to be run in dark mode. ...

    I run KDE as a desktop environment and have it set to dark mode. Ozone seems to follow that setting, which in general is nice. But given the current state of dark mode colours, it should either be disabled completely or fixed. ... Maybe by porting to Qt5, which is better for theming. :)

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Dark mode is not supported officially and as you found out correctly, Ozone simply uses the current OS theme.

    A proper darkmode is on our ToDo but no fixed timeschedule yet.

    Best regards,
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  • Hi,

    I have investigated this quite a bit over the week end and could not find a way to have a single Qt application with a light theme where the rest of the desktop runs a dark theme. There's plenty of ways to change the widget style but nothing for the theme. Bummer. This situation does not improve with Qt5 ... but theming in general improved in Qt5.

    For those who are still interested:
    - get the ~/.config/Trolltech.conf from an account which uses a light theme
    - create a folder, e.g. ~/.ozone_fake_home
    - copy the Trolltech.conf to ~/.ozone_fake_home/.config/
    - start Ozone with "HOME=~/.ozone_fake_home Ozone"

    Really ugly but still one possibility for dark mode users who want a usable application with unfinished dark mode support.