[SOLVED] FreeRTOS IAR - Error[2]: Failed to open #include file 'stdarg.h'

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  • [SOLVED] FreeRTOS IAR - Error[2]: Failed to open #include file 'stdarg.h'

    Hi to all,
    I add SystemViwer to ma FreeRTOS Project.
    To build Project i use IAR for ARM 8.40.2 for STM32F429ZI.

    I do these steps for install Systemview in target
    1. Add the SYSVIEW and RTT core modules to the project
    2. Include SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Config_FReeRTOS.c in the project.
    3. At the end of FreeRTOSConfig.h or before every FreeRTOS.h add #include "SEGGER_SYSVIEW_FreeRTOS.h"
    4. In FreeRTOSConfig.h define INCLUDE_xTaskGetIdleTaskHandle as 1.
    5. In FreeRTOSConfig.h define INCLUDE_pxTaskGetStackStart as 1.
    6. Apply the patch file to the FreeRTOS kernel sources.
    7. Call SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf() in main after target initialization.

    When I build Project i have a error of #include <stdarg.h> in SEGGER.h: "Error[2]: Failed to open #include file 'stdarg.h' "
    Somebody can help me?

    Regards, Luca
  • Hello Luca,

    Please note that this is a IAR project setup specific question which is not a SEGGER product.
    For questions on how to use the IAR IDE we recommend contacting IAR support.

    This thread will be closed now.

    Best regards,
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