[SOLVED] tms570.jlinkscript

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  • [SOLVED] tms570.jlinkscript

    In the tms570.jlinkscript file,there is a line of code in the function InitTarget:JTAG_Write(0x1F, 0, 6);What is the purpose of this operation?Send six bit0 to TDI?What does 0x1F mean?

    C Source Code

    1. void InitTarget(void) {
    2. Report("J-Link script: InitTarget()");
    3. //
    4. // Reset debug logic in order to make sure that ONLY the ICEPick is in the JTAG chain
    5. //
    6. JTAG_TRSTPin = 0;
    7. SYS_Sleep(50);
    8. JTAG_TRSTPin = 1;
    9. SYS_Sleep(50);
    10. JTAG_Write(0x1F, 0, 6);
    11. _InitIcePick();
    12. }
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