[SOLVED] IAR SWO Trace on a Jlink Pro

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  • [SOLVED] IAR SWO Trace on a Jlink Pro


    I wanted to try the SWO trace functionality in IAR 7 to debug a problem but no matter what I do the SWO Trace window remains very very empty.
    I have a JLink Pro and the target is an STM32F429. Is this something that should work with that debugger/cpu combination ?

    In the model overview I see that ETM trace is only available in JTrace but all the SWO features are checked so I was under the impression SWO trace would work.


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  • Hi Bram,
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    We are sorry for the delay in response. The last weeks were very busy on our side.

    IAR implemented SWO themselves, and controls the J-Link directly, so we do not have any influence on how they enable it.
    You would have to contact IAR regarding this.

    Best regards,
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