AppWizard not updating text

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    • AppWizard not updating text

      Source Code

      1. char rtc[24];
      2. snprintf(rtc, 24, "%04d-%02d-%02d %02d:%02d:%02d", //
      3. api::TimeKeeping::now.year, //
      4. api::TimeKeeping::now.month, //
      5., //
      6. api::TimeKeeping::now.hour, //
      7. api::TimeKeeping::now.minute, //
      8. api::TimeKeeping::now.second); //
      9. APPW_SetText(ID_IDLE_SCREEN, ID_TEXT_RTC, "");
      10. APPW_SetText(ID_IDLE_SCREEN, ID_TEXT_RTC, rtc);
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      I am using the code above to change the value of a text (holding the current date/time). However, without line 12 it doesn't work.
      I have traced this down into the sources, and it is because the pointer of the string does not change. between two runs of the code above, it does not get updated. I think this is incorrect, there should be a contents comparison or no comparison at all.

      Unless, ofcourse, I am missing something here.
    • Hi Marcel,

      When setting a text to an object make sure to not set a text within the AppWizard.

      If a text is set from within the AppWizard it will overwrite the text set programmatically.

      Currently the AppWizard shows the object type as a hint to distinguish between the different objects (especially the text object which would be invisible without a text set). We will further improve this by showing not only the object type but also the object ID.

      Best regards,