Remote access of my TFT based control unit

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    • Remote access of my TFT based control unit

      I want to access my control unit which has 7 inch tft screen associated with it.
      I am using nuvoton RDK-N9H30 development board.
      I want to show my tft screen to PC through USB/ethernet.

      I am in thought of if i can able to control my tft screen through PC,
      then using anydesk/team viewer
      I can able to do remote control of my tft screen.

      please give any ideas/suggestions!

      Thanks in advance
      R Sridhar
    • Hi,

      You can view and interact with your emWin application from your PC by the use of a VNC server. Note that emWin VNC routines are part of an additional module.

      Have a look at this example to learn how to start a VNC server from your board. Your board will need an Ethernet connection. Lastly, you need a VNC client to access your server. You can find our free VNC client on our website, but any VNC client should work.

      Best regards,
    • HI
      Thanks for your reply
      I have added my application file as your example code simply
      Then in my libraries, i can able to find GUI_VNC.h header file in which i can see pre-defined functions.
      But this function GUI_VNC_X_StartServer(0, 0); is made private,so how can i use that
      Can you send any sample program,so that i can get idea
      Thanks in advance
      R Sridhar

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