[SOLVED] ETM Pinout for J-Trace and SAMA5D27

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  • [SOLVED] ETM Pinout for J-Trace and SAMA5D27

    We are considering purchasing a J-Trace for profiling features not available on our J-Link devices. Using IAR.

    I'm trying to find which pins need to be routed to a connector and what connector that is. Also, if the J-Trace is compatible with our device.

    We use an SAMA5D27 Arm processor. We have a JTAG connector but presumably ETM requires more pins and another connector(?).

    Will the J-Trace work with our processor (support profiling features)? What connector is needed and what is the pinout regarding the A5?

    I've looked through the datasheet (Microchip DS60001476C) and haven't found the information there.

  • Hi,

    we are currently in the same process. We would like to use the J-Trace but there is a lot of confusion about the ETM capabilities of our processors. For us these are STM32 MCUs, though. So I cannot help you with your specific models.

    Basically, ARM offers ETM on M3, M4 and M7 MCUs. That does not mean, though, that every e.g. M4 MCU offers ETM. This is up to the vendor.

    For STM32 MCUs we needed to dig through the data sheets and find the pinout description. There the TRACECLK and the TRACEData0 - TRACEData3 pins were just the first 5 pins but only on certain package sizes with 100 pins and above. So I think the only one who can answer this for you is your MCU vendor.

    The connector in question is the CORTEX DEBUG + ETM, which is a 20 pin connector.

    Hope that answers at least some of your questions.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    icwiener covered all the basic points.

    As far as I can tell, SAMA5D27 devices do not have an option to route the trace signals from the ETM to pins.
    Therefore, only tracing via trace buffer is possible (also available via J-Link).
    For more information and a trace sample project, please refer to the following article:

    In general, J-Trace expects the default 19-Pin trace header:

    Does this answer your questions?

    Best regards,
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  • I've been using Ozone with J-Link for trace. I had trouble several months ago but the latest versions seem to work well.

    But we are interested in using the profiling features of J-Trace. It sounds like the answer is, we can't because Atmel/Microchip didn't plumb the required signals to the pins.

    Thanks for the replies.
  • Hi,

    As Fabian wrote, there is an ETM on the device you are using but unfortunately it is only internally connected to the on-chip trace buffer which does not allow streaming trace.
    Therefore, there is profiling support for this device, only backtrace support.
    The ETM signals are not exposed to any pins on the microcontroller.