[SOLVED] ZBit flash and J-Link not working

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  • [SOLVED] ZBit flash and J-Link not working

    I'm working on a device based on NXP MCIMXRT1052 processor. Device uses a Gigabit GD25Q32C flash memory for firmware and it works fine.
    I replaced flash memory with ZBit ZB25VQ128 and I had a problem - I cant program and erase flash.
    It works fine with NXP utility blhost - flash is erasing and programming, but I have an error in JFlash.
    I compared commands and timings between two flashes - it looks similar.

    I can read flash


    1. J-Link>mem 0x60000000 8 60000000 = 46 43 46 42 00 04 01 56 FCFB...V
    but cant erase

    Source Code

    1. J-Link>erase
    2. Erasing device...
    3. J-Link: Flash download: Total time needed: 0.291s (Prepare: 0.224s, Compare: 0.000s, Erase: 0.066s, Program: 0.000s, Verify: 0.000s, Restore: 0.000s)
    4. ****** Error: Failed to erase sectors.
    5. ERROR: Erase returned with error code -5.
    Can someone please help?
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    This flash is not yet supported by J-Link.

    You can find a list of all supported SPIs here:

    Adding this device is planned at some point, but we do not have a fixed schedule for it yet.
    You would have to add it manually via the Open Flashloader.

    Best regards,
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  • Hi,

    As Fabian wrote: The flash is currently not supported.

    However, we would like to add support for it but do not have any hardware at the moment.
    Would it be possible to send us 1-3 flash chips (only the chips)?
    We would then add support for this flash short term.