un-wanted break-ins / stops in SVC handlers

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    • un-wanted break-ins / stops in SVC handlers

      I'm debugging RTOS based code , on Cortex R4F.

      Every time there is an SVC call - and here are multiple handles based on SVC value - my Segger J-Link breaks / stops execution. I do not have any breakpoints in these handlers / places, and I also tried removing all of other breakpoints - this did not help. I further , disable all "Semihosting" (requires bkp in SVC_xxx), and I do not have CIO enabled.

      What else can I do ..? I do not understand why it stops by itself in places. ( A bit reminds me of that problem I had with Segger + other TI' chip where I couldn't debug at all FreeRTOS based code because JLink would get suck in SVC on first call. . To which I got no really solution from Segger).
    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Such an issue is not known to us.

      Could you please provide us with a simple project this is reproducible with out-of-the-box?

      Best regards,
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    • Hi Fabian,

      It would be great to first receive any update on similar issue I've reported I think year ago, and, which I waited on, but you never got back to me. The issue is, as I'm aware, still open, and I haven't received any update from you on.
      (I was also exchanging messages directly with you, but you havent' replied).
      See here free rtos can't continue after svc on a ti mcu .. (you know, a bit frustrating there was no update from you on it ..)

      For that board/setup, I have fully described it, and even provided you with firmware blob & exact steps to trigger it.

      Could you please then review that? Otherwise, I first need to find time to create out-of-the-box for you, and spend time and perhaps not get any reply as in the last case.

      Please, take that issue further - it's not resolved, and I saw other people having same issue with it on your forum from > years back.

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