[SOLVED] AArch64 on Cortex-A53 supported?

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  • [SOLVED] AArch64 on Cortex-A53 supported?

    Hello @all,
    I'am new here and cannot found any search function in the forum / blog.
    So I am forced to open a new thread, although as a newbie you should not do that.
    My situation is the following:
    I bought an EVK from NXP with the IMX8Mini quad and I want to write and test (debug) image processing functions using the NEON engine in the A53. For this I want to use a JLink EDU.
    Ideal would be a simulator (which SEGGER Studio basically has), with which I could verify the code.
    So far I have not been able to get the registers of the NEON engine visible - is that not possible in principle or what is special to be considered?

    In other words:
    Does the Embedded Studio support AARch64 in the ARMv8-A including NEON and VFP?

    Has anyone ever done this before or solved a similar problem?
    Thanks a lot

  • Hello Karsten,

    Thank you for your inquriy.
    AArch64 support is currently not available in Embedded Studio and is on our low priority list at the moment.
    First the J-Link would have to support the iMX8 series completely before it makes sense for ES to implement support.

    As Cortex-A53 is not our core business as most users running an Linux on them which is used for debugging instead of an external debug probe (like the J-Link) we do not have a fixed time schedule. Furthermore, the devices are really complex from debug side perspective meaning huge efforts are required to implement support. In addition to this, our schedules have been delayed due to the Corona virus. It's still on the list but without a high priority. Eventually by end of this year for general J-Link support but no promises.

    Best regards,
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