[SOLVED] STM32F769NG load to 128MB QSPI flash - modify flashloader file

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  • [SOLVED] STM32F769NG load to 128MB QSPI flash - modify flashloader file

    Hello All,

    I need to program an QSPI flash (Macronix MX66L1G45, 128MB) via STM32F769NG, but the available default algorithm of ST_STM32F746G_Disco_QSPI.efi flashloader file doesn´t support this project.
    According to JLinkDevices.xml it is the correct algorithm for STM32F769NG.

    Further the pin layout is different to the default on.

    QSPI_CLK need to be PB2
    QSPI_CS need to be PC2
    QSPI_D0 need to be PD3
    QSPI_D1 need to be PD2
    QSPI_D2 need to be PC4
    QSPI_D3 need to be PD4

    How can I modify the existing ST_STM32F746G_Disco_QSPI.efi file (Pin init and/or QSPI init)?? ,is it possible using the Embedded Studio??

    Many thanks in advance,
  • Hi Stefan,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Could you please open a ticket in our support system for this?
    You can find the required information in my signature.

    Best regards,
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