Font converter enlarge issue

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    • Font converter enlarge issue


      I am using Font converter ver 5.22. I use XBF format. I can display Chinese characters on the LCD.

      I need multiple font sizes,but the Chinese character library is too big,I don't have enough storage space.

      As shown in the figure,according to the manual ,can save storage space by enlarging the font size。

      .“GUI_Font8x16x2x2 ” sameROM location as “GUI_Font8x16 ”,Two fonts take up only one font space.

      As shown in the figure,I was able to use the font converter to generate double size font, but it took double as much space.

      Like default font . How can I do to realization two fonts take up the space of one font.

      • WX20200806-172201@2x.png

        219.94 kB, 1,768×1,006, viewed 75 times
      • WX20200806-174808@2x.png

        66.22 kB, 1,050×388, viewed 66 times
      • WX20200806-181807@2x.png

        649.6 kB, 2,244×814, viewed 68 times
    • Hi,

      this only applies to the fonts that are included in emWin, not fonts generated by the Font Converter. These standard fonts are listed in the manual as "GUI_FONT...".

      You could use TTF fonts to generate the font with a desired font size during runtime. TTF files are usually pretty big, so in most cases it would make sense to store them on external memory. You can find examples on how to use TTF fonts in emWin in the Wiki:
      The most memory-efficient way would be to apply a pattern file to your font in the Font Converter. By doing this, only the characters you actually need are saved in the font. There is an explanation on how this can be achieved in the manual under "Font Converter -> Pattern files".

      Best regards,