Font Converter issue

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    • Font Converter issue


      I am using Font converter ver 5.48d. I generate the fonts by selecting using pt option instead of pixels.

      I have observed that when i select Century Gothic Regular font 9pt and 10pt, for both the file name generated is the same i.e. Century Gothic17.c.

      is this expected? . Visually the font seem different.
      For bold option and different pt size then also file generated is Century Gothic17.c.


    • Hi,

      the Font Converter always adds the pixel height of the font to the file name, not just the height of a character. The pixel height includes the spacing above and below a character, therefore the height can be the same with different point sizes.

      Best regards,
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your reply.

      But as the font is different in any case should it not generate different name file. suppose i have used one bold pt font and one regular font in my project with different pts. if the file names for both are same suppose then when i will generate the 2nd font as it has same name it will replace the first font file in my project which is not correct. If one does not keep a track then it is more likely that the font applied for widgets will be changed unknowingly.