[SOLVED] J-Flash V6.82c stopped working from command line

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  • [SOLVED] J-Flash V6.82c stopped working from command line

    Dear friends at Segger,

    the latest versions of J-Flash no longer seem to work when driven by command line. :(
    The files .cfg/.dat are not created, although the software does not report any error.
    We tried with the latest Beta version (6.83b), but that does not work either. We then reverted to a previous version (6.80e), which works fine.

    Here is the log taken from J-Flash V6.82c, from which you can see all of our command-line parameters.
    Strangely, when supposed to create the output .cfg/.dat files, it actually seems to overwrite the input file, in the example [Firmware\DFWLLR1_Release_YL.bin].

    Application log started
    - J-Flash V6.82c (J-Flash compiled Jul 31 2020 17:37:19)
    - JLinkARM.dll V6.82c (DLL compiled Jul 31 2020 17:36:49)
    Optional command line parameters found
    - [1]: -openprjDFWLLR1.jflash
    - [2]: -openFirmware\DFWLLR1_Release_YL.bin,0x8000000
    - [3]: -savecfgFirmware\WLL_0001.cfg
    - [4]: -savedatFirmware\WLL_0001.dat
    - [5]: -saveprj
    Reading flash device list [C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink\ETC/JFlash/Flash.csv] ...
    - List of flash devices read successfully (451 Devices)
    Reading MCU device list ...
    - List of MCU devices read successfully (7837 Devices)
    Opening project file [DFWLLR1.jflash] ...
    - Project opened successfully
    Opening data file [Firmware\DFWLLR1_Release_YL.bin] ...
    - Data file opened successfully (325952 bytes, 1 range, CRC of data = 0xC0EC090B, CRC of file = 0xC0EC090B)
    Saving data file [Firmware\DFWLLR1_Release_YL.bin] ...
    - Data file saved successfully (325952 bytes, 1 range)
    Saving data file [Firmware\DFWLLR1_Release_YL.bin] ...
    - Data file saved successfully (325952 bytes, 1 range)
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    We will look into this as soon as possible.

    I will keep you updated.

    Best regards,
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  • Hello,

    I´ve realy the same problem with my command line.
    My command line look´s like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink\jflash.exe" -openprj"ArmBinBuilder\net5-FB.jflash" -open"hex\%1_V%2.%3.%4.hex" -savecfg"hex\Flasher.cfg" -savedat"hex\Flasher.dat" -exit
    It works at Version 6.80, but not on 6.82c and also on the 6.82d Version.
    What I´ve seen if I removed the "-exit" option, is that the JFlash writes it´s data to the original source file, in my case the .hex file.
    No Output of cfg or dat File are created.


  • Hello,

    we have successfully determined the root cause for this.
    With the version V6.82 of J-Flash, a bug was introduced unintentionally,
    causing the command line options "-savedat" and -"-savecfg" to no longer work correctly.
    We have fixed the behavior of J-Flash internally already.

    Thank you very much for reporting this issue.

    A version which contains the fix is planned to be released later this week.

    Sorry for any inconveniences caused by this.
    Best regards,