emWin and STM32H745I-DISCO example

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    • emWin and STM32H745I-DISCO example

      I'm using the evaluation board STM32H745I-DISCO and I'm trying the example project "STemWin_HelloWorld" that ST put in the STM32 Cube, .
      When I call GUI_DispStringAt ("hello",0,0) I see that the string is not displayed from X = 0 position, but from an X offset of some pixels. Also the "STemWin_SampleDemo" example project have all the windows that start from an offset from the left of display. What could be the problem?
      Thanking in advance,
      Massimo Badanai
    • Hi,

      your display driver may not be configured correctly. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a ready-to-use LCDConf.c for the board you are using, so you might want to contact ST about this issue.

      It could also be a hardware error. Sometimes the display is not placed correctly, so that the outputs look crooked or offset.

      Best regards,
    • Thank you very much for your response. I don't think that could be a hardware error, because other example applications works fine writing pixel correctly from position/pixel 0.
      I try to contact ST...
      Best Regards,
      Massimo Badanai