[SOLVED] SystemView Windows 10 cannot capture data normally

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  • [SOLVED] SystemView Windows 10 cannot capture data normally

    I used the J-Trace attached Cortex-M Trace Reference Board to test the Systemview function, and found that the event cannot be captured normally under the windows10 system, and an error has been reported. If use a virtual machine to run the ubuntu system, there is no problem. I use J-Trace Streaming Trace tutorial project running without any modification.

    Project link: wiki.segger.com/Tracing_on_ST_…-M_Trace_Reference_Board)
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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The reported behaviour is known to us and is due to an issue with the J-Link DLL. If you use the same J-Link software version on your Ubuntu system you would see the same behaviour.
    Simply install the latest J-link software package on your Windows PC and everything should be working again as before:

    Could you verify this?

    Best regards,
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