Iconview spacing

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    • Iconview spacing


      I am using a iconview widget and it consists of 6 icons 3 on top row and 3 on bottom row. The width of iconview is around 550 pixels so i have to add spacing in between to align the icons to fit 3 on top and 3 on bottom to 550 pixels.

      When i press and release the area between the icons i receive the release event which i do not want.
      The iconview should give the event only if the icon area is clicked. how can this be achieved.


    • Hi,

      This behavior was fixed with the emWin V6.14. Now items are getting selected only if the icon really has been clicked.

      You can either wait for your silicon vendor to release this version for their devices or you purchase a source code upgrade:

      This upgrade entitles you to get get access to the source code of emWin and you will get frequent updates to the latest version.

      Unfortunately, there is no easy way of changing this behavior. You might try to overwrite the callback function of the ICONVIEW, but this would also mean you have to take care on almost the complete behavior of the widget.