[SOLVED] Streaming Trace over SWD?

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  • [SOLVED] Streaming Trace over SWD?

    We have a J-Trace PRO for Cortex-M and a FreeScale K64F board (Cortex M4) and would like to use Streaming Trace. SWO is connected (e.g. JLinkSWOViewerCLExe is working), but the TRACE_Dx and TRACE_CLKOUT signals are not accessible. The K64F manual implies that the instruction trace information can be routed out to the TRACE_SWO / JTAG_TDO. Is such a mode supported by Ozone (or any other debugger) please?
  • Hello Pete,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Such mode is not supported by our software due to its extreme speed limitations in comparison to the parallel trace with 4 data lanes.
    It would simply constantly create overflows on target device side due to the relatively low speed of the SWO pin.
    We recommend to use all Trace_Dx pins + Trace_Clkout if you are looking into streaming trace.

    For example our emPower eval board comes with trace pins populated and is based on the K66.

    A trace capable K64 board can be found here:

    Best regards,
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