[SOLVED] Jlink Script

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  • [SOLVED] Jlink Script

    I am using a Raspberry Pie to flash my code in a nrf52832 microcontroller so I am using a Jlink script. The problem is that I need to merge two applications ( file1.hex and file2.hex) is there a Jlink command I can use in myscript.jlink that allows me to do that ?
    Thank you
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    There is no such command, as the J-Link Commander is not a production tool.
    You could either
    1) use J-Flash, SEGGER's production tool. For a merge action you do not need an additional license and you can perform this action by command line:
    Linux example: %PathToJFlash%/JFlashExe -hide -open"%PathToHex1%/hex1.hex" -merge"%PathToHex2%/hex2.hex" -saveas"%PathToDesiredLocation%/hexMerged.hex" -exit
    2) a third party application
    3) write your own application/script (e.g. with python)
    for this purpose.

    Do you have any further questions?

    Best regards,
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  • There is loadfile which supports hex files, you could probably load it with those two commands. I use two-part firmware which is loaded with loadbin like this:


    1. device stm32f427vi
    2. if swd
    3. speed 50000
    4. loadbin build/firmware/firmware.p1.bin 0x08040000
    5. loadbin build/firmware/firmware.p2.bin 0x08120000
    6. r
    7. g
    8. exit

    If you need to specify addresses, you probably need to convert the files to .bin or .elf with objcopy or something similar.