SES crashes during indexing more often than not

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    • SES crashes during indexing more often than not

      SES is crashing on indexing all the time for me. I can open an NRF Connect project fine. Then after cmake is done and SES is indexing the project, SES crashes. I try to send the report but that hangs when I press send. Sometimes indexing completes, and then everything works fine. But it will crash 3 t0 10 times in a row before working. I have 32gigs of memory and am not doing much else at the moment.

      I attached a dmp file from a crash. I had to change the extension to txt because you don't take dmp files.

      Heres this:

      Version: 4.52
      Build: 2020033100.41808
      Variant: Windows x64 ARM
      Operating System: Windows 10 1909 x64
      System Files: OK
      Environment Options: MODIFIED
      Installed Packages: 2
      Dump Files: 17
      Command Line: C:\Users\bxs0918\Documents\EmbeddedStudio_ARM_Nordic_v452_win_x64\arm_segger_embedded_studio_v452_win_x64_nordic\bin\emStudio.exe
      Current Working Directory: C:\Users\bxs0918\Documents\EmbeddedStudio_ARM_Nordic_v452_win_x64\arm_segger_embedded_studio_v452_win_x64_nordic\bin
      Current Solution: NO SOLUTION LOADED
      Installation Date: Mon Jul 13 10:32:25 2020
      Current Date: Mon Jul 13 10:47:05 2020

      Modified Environment Options
      Debug > Ozone > Ozone Executable: C:/Program Files/SEGGER/Ozone V3.10g/Ozone.exe
      Windows > Debug Terminal > Backscroll Buffer Lines: 10000 (default value is 500)
      Environment > User Interface > Application Main Font: Segoe UI,8,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0
      Environment > User Interface > Application Monospace Font: Consolas,10,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0
      Building > Build Acceleration > Parallel Building Threads: 0
      Windows > Globals > Show Variable Size Column: Yes (default value is No)
      Windows > Globals > Show Variable Type Column: Yes (default value is No)
      Environment > Internet > Automatically Check For Packages: Yes (default value is No)
      Environment > Startup > Load Last Project On Startup: No (default value is Yes)
      Environment > User Interface > Theme: Light
      Environment > File Search > Files To Search: * (default value is *.*)
      Environment > File Search > Find History: TIMER1;TIMER0;init_timer;timer_;timer_0;0x8000;timer_1;40009000;Timer1;cert_der
      Environment > File Search > Match Case: Yes (default value is No)
      Environment > File Search > Search Dependencies: Yes (default value is No)
      nRF Connect > Executables > CMake Executable: C:/Program Files/CMake/bin/cmake.exe
      nRF Connect > Executables > DTC Executable: C:/ProgramData/chocolatey/bin/dtc.exe
      nRF Connect > Logging > Maximum Log Lines: 3000 (default value is 1000)
      nRF Connect > Executables > Ninja Executable: C:/ProgramData/chocolatey/bin/ninja.exe
      nRF Connect > Executables > Python Executable: C:/Python38/python.exe
      nRF Connect > Directories > GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain Directory: C:\GNU_Tools
      nRF Connect > Directories > Zephyr Base: C:\projects\g7\zephyr
      Windows > Terminal Emulator > Backscroll Buffer Lines: 5000 (default value is 500)
      Text Editor > Editing > Confirm Modified File Reload: No (default value is Yes)
      Text Editor > Find And Replace > Find History: NRF_TIMER1_BASE;nrf_timer_frequency_t;nrf_timer_bit_width_t;init;prescaler;timer;COUNTER_FLAGS;pres;timeloss;reset
      Text Editor > Visual Appearance > Font: Consolas,10,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0
      Languages > C and C++ > Indent Size: 4 (default value is 2)
      Text Editor > Visual Appearance > Line Numbers: All Lines (default value is Every 10 Lines)
      Text Editor > Find And Replace > Replace History: xxxx
      Text Editor > Programmer Assistance > Check Spelling: Yes (default value is No)

      Installed Packages
      CMSIS 5 CMSIS-CORE Support Package version 5.04: OK
      Nordic Semiconductor nRF CPU Support Package version 8.32a: OK

      Dump Files
      2020-07-01 13:12:12 138136 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/475d3de4-6d4c-475e-8c93-c69d0b4387f2.dmp
      2020-07-06 17:09:42 106218 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/86f47642-a8d9-4f68-afef-0afebf7a1dc5.dmp
      2020-07-06 17:10:12 97386 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/4cca940f-a105-4c2f-b331-fee4c09619be.dmp
      2020-07-09 08:25:21 150678 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/38ace8a3-5c49-48fb-8799-b3bb8b78d7c3.dmp
      2020-07-09 08:27:03 95978 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/83b9228c-e0d8-466c-92e6-d073f8d15101.dmp
      2020-07-09 08:27:49 98314 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/fd3d441b-9b88-4e33-90d1-090f350c31d4.dmp
      2020-07-09 09:55:29 96266 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/deec401c-281f-44d0-a053-78e5b05f786d.dmp
      2020-07-09 09:56:00 95722 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/27d644ec-2cdb-4027-aa7d-6e5e99add710.dmp
      2020-07-09 11:44:34 142772 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/cdbb6d4a-8768-4bfe-93e0-f89669252cd8.dmp
      2020-07-09 11:45:07 96538 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/a10b5a4a-cced-4cba-afa9-db9f8309515c.dmp
      2020-07-09 12:28:45 98362 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/28efd85e-1fb3-4e7c-93dc-e45f25188337.dmp
      2020-07-09 12:30:06 94778 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/f16e4a5c-d48c-4617-82e6-8766dd3a655e.dmp
      2020-07-09 12:30:48 96954 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/0fd92bb8-d92a-433b-8eb8-5ce0a6ead0f6.dmp
      2020-07-13 10:06:35 98631 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/9ca4b89a-fdf5-4f30-8154-d0be20d6463c.dmp
      2020-07-13 10:41:56 105601 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/b26a0577-84b6-4308-b9b0-5f26e7331558.dmp
      2020-07-13 10:43:33 99517 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/0e46a0f7-e261-41c4-b4a5-70147a351a30.dmp
      2020-07-13 10:44:09 102621 C:/Users/bxs0918/Nordic/SEGGER Embedded Studio/v3/dumps/9766d0eb-b7a4-4d63-a524-bae2448b3461.dmp
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