Auto Completion Very Slow

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    • Auto Completion Very Slow

      Hi Segger Support Team,

      The auto completion is very slow with SES on Windows 10.
      Is there any option or Workaround to fix this. At the moment it is unusable for me... Sometimes it takes up to 5 seconds!
      The performance of my PC is not the problem!

      SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM
      Release 4.52b Build 2020042000.41974
      Windows x64

    • Hello Fränz,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      For autocomplete to work quickly the indexer must index the project first. Could you check if the indexing process is completed?
      You can see the progress e.g. in the Source Navigator window.

      After the indexing is done auto completion should work instantly.

      Best regards,
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