Disable EZ_Port although hard set through pin

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    • Disable EZ_Port although hard set through pin



      i got a hardware problem with flashing my board with a Kinetis K22 and the EZP_CS pin.

      I figured out that the problem is that EZ_Port is enabled due to the pin EZP_CS_not low level at boot up.
      The level is set by an external IC because i wanted to use the pin as a input pin.

      My question now is if there is any way to disable the EZ_Port with the Segger J-Link while the pin level enables EZ_Port mode?
      Maybe by writing the FOPT with another technique, early write, workaround, whatever?

      And additionally i read this:

      The section about EzPort sometimes says RzPort, is this a typo?

      And also, for the Kinetis K22FN1M0 at least, the pull direction is wrong.
      It has an EZP_CS_not which musst be pulled low to activate EzPort.
      Your PullDown suggestion permanently activates EzPort on my K22.
      I dont know about other Kinetis devices.

      Thank you!