Patch for FreeRtos version 10.3.1

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    • Patch for FreeRtos version 10.3.1

      I am using FreeRtos 10.3.1 with stm32f756NG micro. My problem is that there is not any path for FreeRtos Ver10.3.1 in segger sample folder.
      how can I port SystemView for vertion 10.3.1?
      I am working on this issue and write my own patches so how can I contribute for developing this patch in systemview?
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The patch files provided with SystemView are only examples and provide a reference for some versions so customers can easily create their own patches.
      So it is possible that not all of the available FeeRTOS releases will get a patch file that is provided with SystemView.

      If you have created your own patch file and want to provide it to other users feel free to attach it here in the forum in your post so other community members can access it.

      Best regards,
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