[SOLVED] Embedded Studio - problem whith import IAR project

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  • [SOLVED] Embedded Studio - problem whith import IAR project


    I evaluate Segger Embedded Studio. I downloaded lastest version (4.52c), impoted my IAR project, starting build and and got a lot of errors related whith preprocessor. For example: in IAR preprocessor I defined:

    RTOS_DEBUG_MODE=DEF_ENABLED - where DEF_ENABLED defined in .h file

    Segger ES imported this settings, but Segger ES not accept their meaning. Could you explain please: whether it is possible to make such preprocessor defines in Segger ES?
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    A generic guide on how to port project from IAR to ES can be found here:

    Not all information can be translated from IAR during the import process e.g. some preprocessor options.
    You can add them manually via Embedded Studio project options under Preprocessor->Preprocessor Definitions

    Best regards,
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