J-Link firmware downgrade

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  • J-Link firmware downgrade


    is it possible to flash a defined version of the firmware of the J-Link?
    I am using J-Link edu. I have been using RealView MDK-ARM Version 4.11 which works fine. I have tested with MDK Version 4.14 and it asked me if it should upgrade the firmware and I said yes. Now if I go back to 4.11 I get some errors when stopping a debug session. If I could flash some very old version into the J-Link The MDK Version I am using would always ask me to flash the firmware that comes with the MDK Version that fits.
    I might change to a higher version of MDK but the problem is MDK > 4.11 Versions + the J-Link Edu I get asked 4x times if I confirm that I am using it only for non commercial purposes each time I start a debug session. This is really annoying - why does it have to be so often?