SystemView v3.12 RPM is malformed / broken : installer does not detect upgrade..

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    • SystemView v3.12 RPM is malformed / broken : installer does not detect upgrade..

      When trying to install latest Segger tools including SystemView the OS package manager does not see this new SystemView as an upgrade of existing / installed SystemView already.
      This is most likely , because Segger's latest RPM is not correctly formed / not upgrading/updating existing install.

      dnf install JLink_Linux_V680d_x86_64.rpm Ozone_Linux_V320b_x86_64.rpm systemview-3.12.x86_64.rpm

      SystemView x86_64 3.120-1
      @commandline 6.2 M
      jlink x86_64 6.804-1 @commandline 37 M

      ozone x86_64 3.20.2-1 @commandline 25 M

      Exists on system before trying to upgrade:

      systemview.x86_64 : SEGGER SystemView
      jlink.x86_64 : SEGGER J-Link tools
      ozone.x86_64 : SEGGER Ozone - the J-Link Debugger
      libjaylink.i686 : Library for SEGGER J-Link and compatible devices
      libjaylink.x86_64 : Library for SEGGER J-Link and compatible devices

      sudo dnf info systemview
      Last metadata expiration check: 0:44:50 ago on Tue 30 Jun 2020 03:17:32 PM AEST.
      Installed Packages
      Name : systemview
      Version : 2.52.4
      Release : 1
      Architecture : x86_64
      Size : 3.4 M
      Source : systemview-2.52.4-1.src.rpm
      Repository : @System
      From repo : @commandline
      Summary : SEGGER SystemView
      URL :
      License : Proprietary
      Description : This package provides software tools
      : for SEGGER SystemView.
    • Hi,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The behaviour is intended as SystemView V2 was essentially a complete different software than V3.
      So it is possible that the V2 package will not be detected as a predecessor of V3.

      But from V3 on the packages should be consistent and upgradable with the rpm packages of newer V3 versions.

      Best regards,
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