Memory usage windows and data (load) sections

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  • Memory usage windows and data (load) sections

    Good morning

    Im using the SES for development, and I have trouble with the memory usage window. It does not display the ROM section used for initialized data n the ROM memory. My linker script is as follows:


    .data : AT (__data_load_start)
    . = ALIGN(4);
    __data_start = .;

    *(.data .data.*)
    __global_pointer$ = . + 0x800;
    *(.sdata .sdata.*)

    . = ALIGN(4);
    __data_end = .;



    I am expecting to see an area of the ROM memory used for load data (in other projects it comes out as for example (.data (load image)). The data is in the output elf file, and it gets properly initialized, but it is not counted towards the amount of ROM used in the program. I am able to exceed existing ROM area without getting any warning from the linker.

    What are the symbols that the memory usage window uses to detect the sections?

    In my map file:

    .data 0x000000002fbf0000 0x8 load address 0x000000002f8002a0
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