JLink RT-1052 64MB of QSPI Flash

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    • JLink RT-1052 64MB of QSPI Flash

      I have an RT-1052 with a 64MB of external flash on the QSPI interface, specifically the W25Q512JVEIQ chip if that matters.

      I have the devices.xml file (See "RT-1052-Devies.png" attachment) with the RT-1052 with 64MB and QSPI selected, but the Device List only shows 32MB.
      If I keep everything the same but change the devices.xml to 'fake it' into thinking I want it to use Hyperflash instead it shows 64MB properly (see "JlinkDeviceHyperflash.png").

      Questions: How do I get support for 64MB flash chips on the RT-1052?


      • RT-1052-Devices.png

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      • JLinkDeviceHyperflash.png

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      • JLinkDeviceList.png

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