[ABANDONED] How to connect (RX62T) R5F562.

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  • [ABANDONED] How to connect (RX62T) R5F562.

    Hello! I have a J-Link, I need help connecting such an R5F562 microcontroller (RX62T). Could you help me with connecting which pins from J-Link and which pins on the microcontroller are needed.

    When connecting, I get this error.

    Failed to reset targetFailed to connect.Failed to execute user initialization sequence.---------------------------OK---------------------------

    Application Log Launched- J-Flash V6.56a (J-Flash compiled on November 25, 2019 5:06:08 p.m.)
    - JLinkARM.dll V0.00z39 (DLL compiled on November 25, 2019 17:05:33)
    Creating a new project ...
    - A new project has been successfully created.
    Connection ...
    - USB connection to J-Link 0 device
    - J-Link firmware: J-Link V9 compiled May 17, 2019 09:50:41
    - The device "R5F562TA" is selected.
    - Target interface speed: 4000 kHz (fixed)
    - VTarget = 3.304 V
    - It is not possible to measure the total IR flax. TDO is constantly high.
    - It is not possible to measure the total IR flax. TDO is constantly high.
    - Execution of the initialization sequence ...
    - ERROR: failed to reset target
    - ERROR: failed to connect.
    Failed to complete custom initialization sequence.
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  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Such an issue is not known to us.

    The J-Flash version you are using is fairly old.
    Could you please download the latest version here and try again?

    Best regards,
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