Failed to halt processor (Cortex M4)

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    • Failed to halt processor (Cortex M4)


      I have a Phytec Polaris evaluation board which is equipped with NXP i.MX8M and I'm trying to download a Hello World program to the ARM M4. When I try that using Segger Embedded Studio, I always get the error message "Failed to halt processor". I disconnected the SD card off the board to prevent it from running Linux, but that doesn't help either.

      When I download my compiled elf-file using Segger command line tool, it seems to work (no error message). So the elf-file seems to be correct. Now I want to get it running in Embedded Studio to be able to debug.

      Which settings do I have to change to make this work?
    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The i.MX8M support is implemented by NXP.
      Native support for the i.MX8 series by SEGGER is planned for the end of this year.
      Therefore, support for this device is not yet provided by SEGGER but by NXP.

      Best regards,
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