STM32F030C8 Reset Pin Not Connected

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    • STM32F030C8 Reset Pin Not Connected

      I have STM32F030C8T6TR MCU. Normally, I can program this MCU by St-Link successfully, I decided to try to program the MCU by J-Link in SWD mode.
      However, whenever I try to program by JLink Command Line (JlinkCommand.jlink), I get this error "can not attach to CPU. Trying connect under reset" in command line interface. I have connected and checked cable connection many times.
      When I look up in schematic, I have noticed that, reset pin not connected to programmer. It is always active high. Is it always required to connect reset pin to J-Link programmer.
      Is there a way to program without reset pin because I can program easily by St-Link without connecting reset pin to programmer. Any help will be appreciated.
    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Such an issue is not known to us.

      Do you use custom hardware or an evaluation board? In the latter case which one?
      If custom hardware, do you experience the same problem on an evaluation board?
      Could you please send us a J-Link log file? How to enable:

      The reset pin is only needed under special circumstances, which probably do not apply here, since it is working without issues with the ST-Link.

      Best regards,
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