Cannot connect to J-Link from SES, but J-Link Commander works

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    • Cannot connect to J-Link from SES, but J-Link Commander works

      Hello everyone,

      I have done a lot of development work for the nRF52 using gcc and the Linux command line. I never got gdb to work though, and I would love to have access to an interactive debugger. I have just learned about Nordic's licensing agreement with SEGGER. I have downloaded SES for ARM V4.52c. I have J-Link Commander V.6.80b.

      I have an nRF52832 DK board attached to my PC by USB. I can connect to the board, and program it using the command-line interface, and transmit data using UART over USB.

      According to the SEGGER document I have obtained from Nordic, I should expect to see "Connect J-Link" as the first option in the Target menu in SES. It is not there at all. The only option I have is "Connect Simulator."

      Another SES user had this problem last year, and solved it, though he did not say how. One comment advised to check whether J-Link Commander can connect to the nRF52 board using the SWD interface. I have confirmed that is working.

      Please help me to troubleshoot my problem. Thanks!
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Such an issue is not known to us.
      Could you provide a J-Link log file of the failing session?

      How did you create the project that you are testing with?
      Did you use the project wizard to set up a new project?
      We recommend using the CPU support package for this:…o/technology/cpu-support/

      Best regards,

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