Segger linker script

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    • Segger linker script


      I have the following statements in flash_placement.xml for in project Nordic nRF52833:

      <MemorySegment name="FLASH" start="$(FLASH_PH_START)" size="$(FLASH_PH_SIZE)">
      <ProgramSection alignment="4" keep="Yes" load="Yes" name=".nrf_queue" inputsections="*(.nrf_queue*)" address_symbol="__start_nrf_queue" end_symbol="__stop_nrf_queue" />
      <ProgramSection alignment="4" keep="Yes" load="No" name=".nrf_sections" address_symbol="__start_nrf_sections" />

      <MemorySegment name="RAM" start="$(RAM_PH_START)" size="$(RAM_PH_SIZE)">
      <ProgramSection alignment="0x100" load="No" name=".vectors_ram" start="$(RAM_START)" address_symbol="__app_ram_start__"/>
      <ProgramSection alignment="4" keep="Yes" load="No" name=".nrf_sections_run" address_symbol="__start_nrf_sections_run" />
      <ProgramSection alignment="4" keep="Yes" load="No" name=".log_dynamic_data_run" address_symbol="__start_log_dynamic_data" end_symbol="__stop_log_dynamic_data" />

      My project uses Segger linker script. What are the equivalent expressions for Segger Linker Script? I have found Segger linker user guide but didn't find exactly the equivalent for these expressions.

      Generally, is there any tool that converts flash_placement.xml to an equivalent Segger linker script (.icf) file?

      Thank you very much for your help,

    • Hello Sam,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      There is no conversion tool for the different script types available.
      For reference we recommend to create a new nrF52 project using CPU support package:…o/technology/cpu-support/

      This will create a simple hello world example with a memory map and a SEGGER Linker script that can be used for reference.

      For more information see the linker documentation:

      Best regards,
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