[SOLVED] Ozone - Views configuration not fully restored after Exit

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  • [SOLVED] Ozone - Views configuration not fully restored after Exit


    in Ozone v3.20a when I have several stacked views, on restart Ozone forgets what view in a stack was at the top.

    See the picture:

    I usually have the Data Sampling and Watched Data tabs on top but when I exit and restart Ozone, it's always the rightmost tab that's on top. I _think_ in the past the selected tab was restored for the next session. Not sure about that, though.

    It feels like it should, though.

    Reordering the tabs to the ones I want to see are one the right does not work either because the order of the tabs is also not restored.


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  • Hi,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The reported behaviour was reproducible and will be improved.
    A quick test through numerous Ozone versions shows that Ozone always behaved this way.

    Best regards,
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