[SOLVED] emFile Metadata on FRAM

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    • [SOLVED] emFile Metadata on FRAM

      If we use FAT32 format for NAND flash, the flash will wear out quickly because we are updating the directory structure each time we write a page of data. We are using a 512MB flash device and storing 400MB each day, so there isn’t a lot of space for wear leveling. One though would be to use FRAM to store the file metadata (directory structure) and the NAND to store only the sample data. Is there a way to separate the metadata and data in emFile so that they can be stored on different devices?
    • Hello John,

      The management data has to be stored on the same storage device as the file data. It is not possible to store them on separate storage devices. You can reduce the number of write operations performed by the file system by configuring a sector cache in write back mode. You can find more information about the sector cache in the section "5.1 Sector cache" of the emFile manual.

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