[SOLVED] Absolute path in dependency files

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  • [SOLVED] Absolute path in dependency files

    I have two PCs for my project with different OSes and they share the same directory over a network drive. The Mac is more powerful and should do the compilation. The Windows PC is for debugging and maps the Macs directory with a network drive (letter :( ). After compilation on the Mac the PC recompiles the .S files because the full path in the dependency file does not match the file location for the PC.
    I tried several emBuild options on the Mac, but the full path is always determined and doesn't match on the PC.
    To have the same directory structure on the Mac is no option, because a symbolic link there is replaced by the original path in the .d files.
    Any help is appreciated :) .
  • Hi William,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    While building on one system and debugging on another is usually not the most common use case you could try the following project option:
    Project Options -> Compiler -> Supply Absolute file Path = No

    Does that improve things for you?

    Best regards,
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